APC Image: AH 0007Figurines; from terrace of Early Shrine.
Collection:   APC
Type:   Image
Name:   AH 0007
Object Description:   Figurines; from terrace of Early Shrine.
Negative Number:   AH 0007
Museum:   National Archaeological Museum
Category:   Terracottas
Subcategory:   Statuette
Monument:   Argive Heraeum
Site:   Prosymna
Region:   Argolis
Country:   Greece
Format:   Glass-plate
Dimensions:   18 X 24
Bibliography:   AJA 43 (1939), pp. 410-444, fig. 10.
Notes:   Original print.
Repository:   ASCSA ARCHIVES
Collection Title:   Archaeological Photographic Collection
Series:   AH
Image Width:   2129
Image Height:   2835